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River of Life Church: Email hacked...

United Methodist Church Email Hacked

Pastor's email hacked: Dayton Church

Churches and other Christian organizations are being sued over privacy breaches. When your email account is hacked into, bad people get access to members emails, private prayer information, entire prayer chain member lists, full names and phone numbers (as many people use a signature line in emails). Email is not a secure way to handle prayer requests. Do not put your church or Christian organization at RISK for a data privacy breach lawsuit.

Suspicious emails from your contacts?

If you have ever received an email like "Hey, take a look this photo" or "Click this link to get _____" or "This was seen on here" from a friend of yours, it was probably because their email account was compromised! Hackers gained access to their entire contact list and content of any emails within their account. You do not want this to happen to a member who emails you their prayer requests to then email out to the prayer chain.
EFPN has a safer system where prayers are stored in our database, critical data within our database is encrypted even if hackers get access to it. You need this safer system for your organization.

You already have your own database?

1. Is your member database email addresses encrypted JUST IN CASE the database is hacked into?
2. Is the database stored on a computer where many people have access to it?
3. Is the database stored on a server hosting company with many, many other companies? (this opens it up to easier data breach when on a shared server).

EFPN's database encrypts key data for privacy.
EFPN's database is on a single server without sharing with thousands of other companies.
EFPN's database was written over the last 10 years by database professionals.

You have a form on your website for prayers

1. If the page is not secure (Lock at the top of your browser) then data sent on that page to you is NOT encrypted and anyone with the right tools can read every prayer sent in (before you have time to edit out the private details)
2. Where does that prayer request go? If it goes to your email then we know how that can be easily compromised. EFPN stores prayers directly to the database making our system much more secure.


Please do not put your Church or Christian organization at risk by using non-secure website forms for prayer submissions, email which can be easily hacked into for sending prayer requests out to members or taking them in, or databases which have private information non-encrypted.
You are only putting your church at high risk and your member's private information at risk too!

EFPN is your best solution for handling prayers safer!
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