Welcome to the new way of handling all your prayer requests and testimonies. EFPN is a customized internet prayer network, designed specifically for you. There is no complicated software to download, just a link from your website. Below we have highlighted a few of EFPN's features. If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us or View Prices - Request a Quote.
Prices: Contact us for complete details. Free for under 50 prayers per month.

EFPN matches your current website

By using your church or organization’s name, logo, and a custom color scheme, we can link seamlessly to your home page. See examples here

scripture choice

Your EFPN website and e-mails contain encouraging scriptures that are displayed in the version of your choice.

pastor’s corner

You are able to send exclusive messages out quickly to all the members of your prayer network.

Security (click for more details)

Email is NOT a save way to take in prayers from members or to email out to your prayer chain. Read More Here. OVER 250,000 email accounts were compromised last year! They took email addresses, names, phone numbers and private inforamtion in emails. Do not let this happen with your organization. EFPN is safer.
EFPN encrypts key private data in member prayers in our database and we do not email prayers out to members like an email prayer chain. We also use Secure Pages for members to enter a prayer request and update a prayer request on our website.

the EFPN prayer request and testimony categories

Based upon the prayer category chosen, a person will see relating scriptures that will be displayed on the prayer site and in follow-up e-mails.

immediate response

EFPN’s system lets you know immediately if there is an emergency prayer request.

two week update notice

If a prayer request has been made and you have not had an update on that need. EFPN will send an e-mail asking about their progress.

Users can update their own prayer requests and convert to a testimony without any administration from you. (you can't do this with a email prayer chain system).

personalized e-mail responses

Personalized e-mails include your logo, scriptures, a small prayer, and instructions on how to keep you updated on their need.

You are also able to include a special personalized note on the e-mail that is sent out to anyone who submits a prayer request or testimony.

id and password

Every prayer request given will receive a password and ID that will allow them to keep you updated on their need.

Real-time tracking

When your prayer team member prays for a prayer, it is tracked in real-time unlike emailing prayers to members where you do not know if they even received the prayer request. This system also shows prayer requestor that others are praying for them and that is very uplifting to them. There is no other system we know like this one.