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Praise be to the eternal God, that through Christ we can have answers to our prayers. We pray your faith will be stirred and your hearts lifted by seeing the testimonies of what God has done. Please remember He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). What He did for them, He can do for you!

Standing on God's Word:
But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57 (KJV)

Testimonies are posted as soon as we can review and release them.

Rob 11/01/2020 - Hello. I just wanted to give thanks and praise to the Lord my God for helping me through my colonoscopy and the preperation and making the results come back showing that there was no cancer and no tumors and nothing abnormal, and that I was perfectly healthy! THANK YOU MY LORD, AND ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD!

Anthony 4/03/2018 - I prayed for 180 for rent GOD said no so I lose my place to live
Will never ask for prayer again (EFPN prayer network requests that we all pray for this person)

Christine 4/03/2018 - I was injured at work over two years ago and am still disabled and receiving physical therapy to heal. During the early stages of my injury, my workers compensation claim was denied as my employer lied and said that my fall RIGHT in front of the entrance of the workplace was not the workplace. Over the next few months, management and HR continued to lie and bully me- so much so, I had an anxiety attack and ended up in the emergency room. But, praise be to God Most High, not only did I get my workers comp claim approved, which I hear is rare, but God did as He promised and contended with those who contended with me. He fought the battle and won! Thank you all for your prayers. Glory to God!

Robert 4/03/2018 - I would like to thank the Lord our God for answering my prayers and making my test results come back showing that I don't have cancer and that I'm perfectly healthy. PRAISE GOD! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!

Kristin 2/12/2018 - God has placed me in a much favorable position in the Spiritual realm and physical realm and just about every area of my life! I am sooo thankful cause it took a long time and lots of hard work to get here! Thx u Jesus!

Robin 1/29/2018 - In November I requested prayer for my husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery December 20th to have prostate removed. Praising God the cancer was contained in the prostate and was not found anywhere in surrounding tissue. Believing for full recovery of bladder functions. Jesus is his Healer!! Thank you for standing in prayer with us.

Richard 12/11/2017 - I have had a mysterious lasting infection for over two years. I was suddenly healed and regained all my strength overnight. I have not felt this good in several years .I also asked for prayer for a recovery of a financial loss and God did that also. Thank You Lord and His faithful prayer partners .

Denise 10/09/2017 - Thank you for praying for Susan. She is delivered! Praise God! Thank you! God Bless You!

05/22/2014 - Please continue to pray for Susan's healing in her body and.for strength and that she will walk.

jim 10/02/2017 - First day I commanded the containment wall to come down I was seeing positive results financially and spiritually.

Ronda 8/21/2017 - In 2014 I received Jesus as Lord. I was a tough case. I accepted Jesus at 5 again at 17 and again at 24. I just could not break free from the demonic holds on my life. I was dedicated to satan at 3 and was ritualistic abused. I was shattered, demonized and confused. God never gave up on me. Through a very dark valley in 2014 near suicide and drug addiction I found The father heart of God. I came to the end of me and collapsed in His arms. Desperate for Him and freedom and without a real church in my town that preaches the full gospel I found CHP. Pastor John has fed me the truth so I can get through the firey trials that has occured since I sold out 100% to Jesus. The support and love is long distance but REAL and Gods word has changed my life. Praying my 3 sons come in to the kingdom too.

jim 8/14/2017 - After being told that I had a severe prostate condition and needed to go to a specialist immediately I went to Jesus. After 6 months of prayer and taking ONLY HERBS AND NATURAL FOODS I returned to the doctor for a completely different result NO MORE PROSTATE condition.

Nancy 6/12/2017 - I attended the JesusImage conference in Ohio at which Pastor John preached on Holy Spirit and God's power. Holy Spirit hit on the drive home and drove out pain and all unforgiveness and critters. Holy Spirit told me to go to a gas station and pray for the women behind me. I did - she cried out waving her hands God is everywhere! Now I am waiting for someone He told me is going to ask me to grind coffee! And I will. I boldly prayed with a coworker who is recovering from cancer and Holy Spirit came and imparted a deep Peace to her and I was able to introduce her to Holy Spirit. Thank you Father for Jesus, Holy Spirit, your Fire and Power and Glory. Amen

BONNIE 5/22/2017 - Praise, Glory and Honor to our Father in heaven. Thank you for YOUR words of increase. Out of the blue my husband was offered a better job, .00 an hour INCREASE in pay, better hours, and higher position in a different company than he works now. During the interview my husband was contemplating thinking it over for a day or two as he has been with his current company several years and has quite a bit invested, BUT, he kept hearing a voice saying seize it, seize the opportunity, don't delay. Just as Pastor preached it yesterday. Thank you Pastor for your obedience in delivering God's Word to the people. We are so blessed that GOD sent us to hear HIS Word thru you. AMEN and AMEN.

Deborah 4/17/2017 - More to add to the story about my car being totaled. With the vehicle replaced, I sat down to do my taxes, thinking I'd owe close to ,000 like I did last year between Federal and State. I only owed Federal 1 and get back from the state. It is so awesome when we pray and see God answer! I made sure I was faithful to give an offering out of this unexpected blessing. Thank you Pastor John for listening to the Holy Spirit and teaching and preaching what you believe he wants you to preach and teach, even if it is not your favorite subject! I will also say thank you to GOD TV for making your services available to me. God bless you all and Church of His Presence.

Deborah 4/17/2017 - I have been listening to Pastor Kilpatrick's sermons regarding debt reduction and praying with the congregation via God TV. Last week, I was in an accident when a truck ran a red light and hit my car. It spun my car 180 degrees and totaled it. I had only a bruise on my leg. I went to the dealership today to work on replacing the vehicle, and fortunately I had Gap insurance. I now have a new 2017 vehicle, ,000 to ,000 of debt were wiped out by the Gap insurance. My interest rate, payments and insurance rates are all lower than on the previous loan. And no payment needs to be made in April. So although it was not a circumstance I would have wished for, I can see God's hand working in the situation and using it to turn around my financial situation. More to come...

Ira 4/10/2017 - Aaron, traumatic brain injury, he's recovered!! Praise God!! for answering the consistent and persistent prayers of the righteous!! in His timing!! Thank you for your faithful prayers!! Aaron's one of the few that recovery from traumatic brain injury!! The power of prayer!! I think it's been approximately two years since his accident. A friend asked me to pray for him and she phoned last night and told me the good news!!! It lifted my spirit!! and I'm sure it will everyone that's been praying for him. In Christ Love.

Savannah 3/20/2017 - I was at church Sunday when pastor prayed for debt cancellation, and I just received my phone bill for the month and it has been cut in half! I haven't dropped any data or made any adjustments, and it's 50% less than it usually is. I've never seen it so low! God is so good!

Robert 3/11/2017 - I would like to thank you all for praying for me. And I would like to thank and praise God almighty for having my test results come back negative! There is nothing greater or more powerful in the universe than our God! I love you and I trust in you! Thank you!

02/26/2017 - Please pray for me that my latest blood tests and CT scans results show that I do not have cancer and that I do not have anything wrong with me, and that I'm perfectly healthy. Thank you and may God bless you all!

I will praise Your name forever my king and my God! Psalm 145

Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord! Psalm 89

My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. Psalm 91

Sandra 2/13/2017 - The attacks have been coming BOLDLY in my family and friends, BUT GOD! He brought me through and with a miracle! I FOUND MY DAUGHTER after 3 years. She is in the Air Force in Alaska with my grandson. Hallelujah! Break through is coming. There is always a major attack BEFORE THE BLESSINGS!!!. I love the Lord and how He brings us totally around with a blessing so big we can hardly take it in. Pray for my daughter to be moved by Holy Spirit in Alaska. There was a golden thread thru all of this connecting people because a friend who lives in Alaska too is going to find my daughter. Hot diggity-dog HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. All the praise and Glory....honor and respect, and awe to our Lord. Pastor's prophecy of FAMILIES coming to the Lord - WOW - and reunited.

dale 2/07/2017 - Amazing! My neighbor had been in the hospital for several months and both she and my dad came home from the hospital last weekend. Thank you, Dale

01/18/2017 - Please play for my Dad and our neighbor Helen so they both recover and are released from the hospital soon and cured.

Tony 2/06/2017 - Hey Pastor Kilpatrick & the rest of CHP. After waiting about a year for a Worker's Comp claim to settle, it finally came through, and I was blessed with 2 separate checks & one final settlement check in the works. God has truly supplied all my need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Thanks for all that you all do at CHP, and Pastor, thanks for the blessing you speak over us each week. God is truly blessing His people!!!

Pam 1/30/2017 - I was in the hospital because my Hemoglobin went down to 5.2 and had to have two units of blood. I was also facing a procedure the GI doctor wanted to do, which I did not feel was necessary. After two units of blood, my Hemoglobin went to 8.2 but than dropped down to 7.6. I was starting to feel discouraged and I called the church for prayer. The next morning, I started listening to the worship on my phone from CHP. I just sat in my bed and began to worship the Lord. I didn't care if someone came in or not. Two hours later my doctor came in and said we didn't need to do the procedure at that time and that my Hemoglobin was back up so I would be able to go home that day. I am believing for Hemoglobin to go up in the high normal range and the radiation damage to be a thing of the past.

Rebecca 1/23/2017 - When we came from Tarpon Springs to CHP last year to a special service called a Letter from the Devil we brought our lawsuit papers. This was not an ordinary biological sister who is spirit-filled was suing my husband and myself for an accident we were involved in. I had a dream 3 months ago that my sister's attorney looked at me and said all charges are dismissed. And two weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from our attorney saying that all charges were dismissed. My sister and I now have a loving relationship and she is attending our in-home fellowship services. Praise the Lord!

Pam 1/16/2017 - My husband learned at his job last night that he and other long term employees will be receiving an additional week of vacation this year and next. In tweaking the vacation policy 5-10 yrs. ago, many employees lost earned vacation time, but they have reversed this policy and are compensating employees now. Praise God!!! Wanted to share this with you in light of yesterday's message.

brenda 1/09/2017 - I am thankful to all members of Church of His Presence who prayed for me during the days I was pregnant. I delivered safely without any complications a healthy beautiful child. It was because of your prayers that everything is okay now. May God enlarge your territories. Thank you so very much......words to express my gratitude fail but Lord take all the Glory.

07/08/2016 - I am five months pregnant and was told I have fibroids in the uterus. I have been having bad dreams. Pray for me people of God for a safe delivery. I want to give birth to a healthy beautiful child.

Ronda 1/09/2017 - I saw through an open eyed vision the earth crack open and under my feet was the rise of raging waters. This was in August. I was shaken as God warned me of judgment. I found pastors prophesying online later that day. I am new to my solid out walk with Christ and found pastor online in June. God spoke Isaiah 47 to me. Today I saw as it were a glass sky and under my feet was the earth. Jesus spoke to me and said see how the heathen rage. I saw almighty Angel with a mighty sword. Jesus said He is bringing revival to the lost and then judgment would fall. Pray God use my life in what way He pleases. I love Jesus. He is my Lord, my husband, kinsman redeemer and my king.

Bonnie 12/19/2016 - Praise GOD for sending the Holy Spirit upon my mother yesterday. At age 69 she experienced the Holy Spirit touch her for the first time in her life. She had not attended church since she was a young teenager. I was awoken one morning by GOD telling me that she had not been baptized and to lead her to do so. I have spoken to her about it but to no avail. She attended with me yesterday for the Children's program and in the car coming home she broke down crying and told me her experience. She was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, had surgery, and has been in a lot of pain and very sick for the last few days. As of yesterday, she said that all the pain and sickness left her, she felt it leave while in service. Thank You FATHER for Your divine mercy.

Venus 11/07/2016 - THANK YOU DEAR INTERCESSORS for your prayers!
CHP is a fertile ground to sow in! CHP staff THANKS !! :)

I sowed at the Deborah 2016 my last money because I know that if you let go what is in your hands God will multiply it. That was on Friday and the next Wednesday my caseworker released more benefits. I had gotten an eviction notice and was supposed to be evicted. TO GOD BE THE GLORY !!

10/31/2016 - Hi,

I Would to ask all of you to pray for a supernatural financial breakthrough so we could pay our rent and bills.


Venus 10/31/2016 - Hi,
I just want to share what our Abba Father has done to my and family lives.
1. My husband was given a new job. Praise The Lord!
2. He started going to church with us. Hallelujah to the Lord Jesus!
3. After 10 moths of studies and I found a very loving Community for the homeless to serve for my 200 hours internship. It came as a revelation during our one day encounter training with Jesus/Holy Spirit and Abba Father. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


kathryn 10/17/2016 - Praise the Lord!Thank you all so very much for praying for our son Tobias\'s disability claim - we have just received the letter stating he has been awarded higher rates for both care & mobility needs which is far more than we had ever hoped for! It came through very quickly & will last for until next December just before his 17th birthday. I will now be able to apply for a carers allowance as he meets the criteria & I cannot go out and work.Thank you from all of us & may God richly bless you all for your heartfelt compassion for our circumstances, Amen!

05/13/2016 - Pls continue to pray for our son Tobias\'s first disability claim,that all will go well & he will not need to undergo tribunal or any medical assessments by the dept which he would find very stressful.They are turning many down & the staff are behaving cruelly towards the parents of disabled children.Tobias has inoperable tumours & scoliosis & I am his full time carer, this is our first ever claim

Robert 10/17/2016 - Hello. I want to thank you all for praying for me for good blood test results. The power of prayer and the power of God is amazing! Everything turned out great! PRAISE AND GLORIFY GOD!

05/06/2016 - Hello. Please pray for me that my blood tests and my CAT scans and any other tests I take, come back showing that I do not have cancer and that I do not have anything wrong with me and that I am perfectly healthy. Thank you and may God bless you all.

Robert 10/17/2016 - Hello. I want to thank Saint Joseph and our great Lord for helping to get my house sold! After not selling my house for almost 2 months, I prayed to Saint Joseph and asked him to help me get an acceptable offer the next day. The next morning I got an incredible offer on my house that I accepted!!! Thank you to Saint Joseph and thank you to and praise God, the powerful and almighty!!!

Robert 10/17/2016 - I would like to give thanks and praise to the Lord our God for answering our prayers and making my biopsy results come back showing that I do not have cancer! GOD IS GREAT! PRAISE GOD!

05/24/2016 - Hello. I am going to get a biopsy done on an enlarged lymph node this week. Please pray that the results come back showing that there is no cancer in the lymph node and that there is nothing wrong with me. Thank you and God bless you all and PRAISE AND GLORIFY GOD!

Bertil 10/17/2016 - Early this year after listening to a prophetic sermon by John Kilpatrick, I had a vision from the Lord. I saw a part of a horizontal trapeze (as used in gymnastics) hanging down from heaven. I could not see the other edge of the trapeze, so it looked as if it was suspended by a single rope. The sight was enigmatic and disturbing. However, last summer I had a vision of the whole trapeze, and then I could see it was suspended form heaven by two ropes. Now I feel much better about this vision, though I cannot interpret it. Praying for revelation.

June 9/12/2016 - I just finished listening to Sunday's message brought by Pastor John Michael. God used it to show me how He was using it to heal scar tissue of the past and move hell out of my life. This was a very concise word, yet very powerful word. Praise God, He is moving the enemy on.

Arnaud 7/18/2016 - I was strengthened in my spirit after I started watching preaching from Church of His Presence. One night I was on my bed watching "The Orphan Spirit" and felt my hands get electrified and heavy for a long period of time. I realized something spiritual was taking place in my life. This made me become more confident and helped me receive the peace I was fighting to receive for months.

I heard about CHP from Rabbi Curt Landry.

With great joy and opened heart I bless the Lord for CHP.
I love you all in Yeshua's name.

Lisa 6/27/2016 - I want to thank everyone that prayed for me. My finances are getting stable and I live in a nice townhouse. I am so happy. My health is getting better as doctors discover serious things wrong but improvable. God heals. I need to be debt-free and I need a car. After I own a car I am trusting God to help me buy my own home. I have never had the husband God has for me but am praying he will be revealed this year. Thank you all again. PS I have three new grandsons in last seven months. One is due any day! Glory to God.

Dena 6/20/2016 - A few days after I submitted this prayer request- it got resolved in an unusual way. I prayed and out of frustration was yelling at God. In the mist of my rant a thought came out of nowhere "Google plantar fasciitis release procedure codes". I googled it and found an article discussing a problem similar to what I was experiencing. I found a code DOL would approve, called my doctor and now the surgery is approved. This is after everyone gave up helping me. To be honest I didn't expect God to help me and that quickly.

06/06/2016 - I'm in a predicament. I have chronic plantar fasciitis. I'm on workmans comp. They assigned me light duty for one year. If I'm unable to return to my job in a year, they are free to terminate me. I need an operation on both feet. Workmans Comp has denied it twice. Its a coding issue. Pray this will get resolved.

Gaston 5/23/2016 - Thank you for your prayers.

kathryn 5/06/2016 - Thank you all so much for praying for my Aunty Rita (81yrs) - the Drs have managed to treat her without invasive surgery & anaesthetic which would have been very high risk due to her heart problems. Pls pray for her good health & peace. Praise the Lord for He is good & may He bless all the prayer warriors richly for your compassion, Amen

04/30/2016 - Please pray for my Aunty Rita, she is 81yrs old and has been rushed into hospital with a prolapsed bowel following a failed gynecological procedure. She had the first procedure due to the drs not wanting to put her under a general anesthetic as she has multiple health issues & heart problems so any surgery is very very high risk. Pls pray the surgery goes well & she recovers fully, many thanks.

Mary 5/02/2016 - Thank you so much for all your prayers. I was offered a job a few days ago!! I was out of the workforce -- or at least in and out -- because of severe back problems. For me to be able to get back into what I was doing is a miracle! All my contacts dried up... but God made a way. I am beyond happy! I am on my own and have to work, and now have a secure job where most of the people are true followers of Christ. One of the VPs has a statue of the full armor of God on his desk and Bible verse on the wall. Thank you Lord and thank you church!!

Tony 4/25/2016 - I called a staff member recently to have prayer for one of our church members who was in ICU. After much prayer God is restoring her. She has been moved from ICU to a regular room. Also I have been recovering from shoulder surgery and have been off from work over two months. I found out yesterday that I get to go back to work next week and my pay stub showed a nice raise. Thanks for the tither's blessing Pastor John speaks over us each week (particularly, jobs with benefits, bonuses, and raises). Glory be to God!

Katelyn 4/18/2016 - Hello
I have watched your services online every week since the beginning of 2016. Lately I have been praying and asking God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. I was watching Pat Schatzline's sermon on April 12. While watching and praying with him he asked the church and the online audience to put out their hands and say a prayer with him. He was having us repeat the same prayer and while doing that my tongue began to speak words that were not my own. God answered my prayers and I received the Holy Spirit for the first time in my life. I am so thankful for pastor Kilpatrick and for CHP and this wonderful ministry. If revival breaks out I'm coming down to Alabama all the way from Michigan. God bless you all.

kathryn 4/08/2016 - Thank you for all your prayers for David Whyte, the 14 yr old missing teenager with severe Autism - he has been found safe and well in central London - praise the Lord!Amen.

07/22/2015 - Thank you for all your prayers for Aaron. Sadly,Aaron passed on the 6th July, at home surrounded by his family. He is no longer in pain after a very long hard struggle for all 19yrs of his life.He had a wonderful smile & was incredibly brave.Pls pray for Aarons Mum, 12yr old sister (who both have the same condition & A\'s Grandparents.Pls pray they can meet the funeral costs & for peace/strength.

07/08/2015 - Thank you for all of your prayers to date for Aaron. The Lord has chosen in His wisdom that Aaron spends the last few weeks of life at home surrounded by his family.Please pray for a release from pain. Please pray the Holy Spirit surrounds & fills Aaron with overwhelming peace, comfort & joy.Pls pray the Lord reveals Himself fully to Aaron his final weeks & his salvation is secure.Amen.

05/26/2015 - Please pray for Aaron, 19yrs. He has malignant tumours and has been given 12-18mths to live. Pls pray that his radiation treatment is successful. Pls pray he receives the new medical trial treatments on offer quickly & they work.Pls pray for his healing & salvation for him & his family. Pls pray the Lord ushers people in to help cover their medical expenses as they are struggling terribly.Thankyou

Elizabeth 3/07/2016 - Dear Pastor Kilpatrick,
I want to thank you for your sermon "A Letter from the Devil." My husband and I were given a summons to appear in court and the summons said we owed a large debt. The day before we actually went to court was the Sunday you preached, "A Letter from the Devil." I spread out the summons on the kitchen table and used the scripture you preached (Col 2:14-16) which says "Christ cancelled the handwriting and legal decrees against us." My husband and I twice went to court with no attorney and twice the judge showed leniency, finally telling us we needed an attorney to defend this further. We hired an attorney who found the other party had violated fair debt collection laws and we were awarded a settlement. Praise God!

Elaine 2/15/2016 - Within three days after posting my prayer request the party holding the funds called and stated they had me a Cashiers Check for the money owed me. I met the Owner, received the Cashier Check and prayed for them to receive a blessing for doing what was right in God's sight. God is good!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!! Now I can go forward and close this Estate which is four years overdue. Thank you God for moving on my behalf and bless those who prayed for my situation. Amen!

Jonathan 2/15/2016 - The insurance came through for me for Harvoni a drug that cost ,00 for a12 week regiment. This drug has a 96% to 99% cure rate for Hep C with just a copay!!!! Our God is surely Jehovah Jireh for he provided for me when there would have been no way for me to afford this. Praise you Jesus Christ!!!

patricia 2/15/2016 - Thank you for all prayers over the years. I am now in full time employment and been recently promoted. I am also raising funds to support my own small charity work in Zimbabwe. Thank you. God bless.

Patricia 2/15/2016 - Praise the Lord I was given the right to remain in England with a 3 year visa extension. Praise the Lord and thank you for all prayers last year. God bless.

Kristin 2/01/2016 - Hands are healed! Praise God!

Alex 1/25/2016 - I thank God for everything He has done in my life. At the age of four years old I was diagnosed with aspergers which is a type of autism. I also began piano lessons at that age too. I grew up in a Pentecostal church and was involved in music. God healed me from autism and I am now the worship leader at my church. Your ministry has been a huge inspiration to me. I thank Pastor Kilpatrick for everything he does to spread the word of God. Words cannot explain how much God used this ministry to inspire me. God bless you.

Randy 1/25/2016 - Praise God! Prayers are being answered. God is restoring my family and healing me! Thank you CHP for praying. Thank you Jesus!!! Healing has begun!!!

Runay 12/28/2015 - Just wanted to share that my daughter and granddaughter were involved in an car accident. Neither of them were hurt but the car sustained severe damages. We were upside down on what we owed on the car vs what the car was worth. My adult children and I gathered together and prayed that the insurance would pay it off completely. The insurance did pay it ALL and we don't even have to pay the deductible! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for protecting my children and relieving us and my daughter of the financial requirements associated with this vehicle!! Please keep praying for her because now she needs to get a dependable vehicle with little or no payments!

Venus 12/14/2015 - I am TESTIFYING today that GOD MOVED again in our Favor.
1. My husband starts a new job in 2016.
2. I am going back to school to begin preparing for a second career.

Richard 11/02/2015 - I want to praise God for answered prayers I have posted here. I asked you to agree with me for good quiet neighbors and we got them! I asked again for a car and now I have a brand new one! I think every prayer request I have submitted here has been answered miraculously by God in a short time. Thank you for your faithfulness in the ministry of prayer. I always set myself in agreement with the prayer requests posted here. Thanks again and Praise God for His goodness!

Carolyn 10/26/2015 - Pastor's blessing over the tithes and offerings really works!! I have been faithfully giving in my tithes and offerings for years, and doing my best to be obedient to God's word. I have been praying for years (since the Bay Revival), that God would open the door for me to move to Alabama. That time has come!! The Lord provided a new work from home job that is similar to the one I just had with an hourly pay increase of . WITH a sign - on bonus!! 😀 My house just sold - without a realtor involved and I am on track to close on a house we bought in Theodore, Alabama early next month!

Connie 10/26/2015 - I only had very limited knowledge of Chris's situation when I made the prayer request for brain surgery. He came through the surgery better than expected with no indication of any additional disability. His recovery time is expected to be shorter than originally indicated and he is already further ahead than expected. Thank you Jesus!

Pam 10/26/2015 - I just want to praise the Lord. When I think of all his love and goodness, I am in awe of him. Such a Great God! His banner over me is Love. He covers me with his Mercy. Daily he walks with me, daily he talks to me.

Larry 10/19/2015 - The doctors said that the new treatment is working very well on my son-in-law. They are well pleased and don't have other concerns at this time. Thank You for your prayers and God Bless the prayer warriors.

Ekemini 10/06/2015 - Thank God and u all for putting me in prayers. On the 29th of August,2015 I had my first solo helicopter flight and it was very successful. I am progressing tremendously ever since.God indeed answers prayers!

08/20/2015 - I\'d like you all to pray for me concerning my flight training. I want God to help me achieve speedy progress and divine peace all through the course. Thanks

Dena 9/28/2015 - I have not aggravated my injury for several weeks. It stopped happening once I submitted a prayer request. I feel almost normal now. I think it is finally getting better after all these months.

Jane 9/28/2015 - Tests show no progression of disease in heart. Waiting for status of other involved areas. Family learning power of prayer. Thank you for praying with us.

sandi 9/14/2015 - I give all glory to the Lord for Him hearing the prayers of the saints and blessing me so much. I can't thank you enough for the power of prayer. I thank Yashua with all my heart and soul. I praise God for keeping my house from foreclosure. I have been giving of the widow's mite and I'm so blessed, so blessed. I always pray for my brother and sisters in Christ every night and morning. We serve a mighty God when times are tough. I'm not able to give but I have tithed my time for the homeless. When we serve Him, HE ALWAYS COMES THRU. God hasn't let me down. Trust and listen to Him. WOW. We serve a mighty God.

Pam 9/14/2015 - God is so faithful and loving. I had been praying for a church that worships in truth and spirit and a pastor that preaches the Bible. I can't always get to my local church but when I do, I leave still hungry for more. With a 90 minute service there isn't much time for Holy Spirit . I get fed so much spiritually watching Church of His Presence. I am an E-member now. I listen to the worship team through out the week and the archives of previous services. I thank God for answering my prayer. I have found the church I need. CHP is truly a Church of his Presence. From the pastor, the leaders, the worship team and the congregation there is true worship. I will continue to be an E-member until the Lord leads me in another direction.

lori 8/24/2015 - We had 4 people give their life to Christ and were baptized. Praise God 4 more for the kingdom. We need the holy spirit to convict the drug dealers and addicts in the county.

Tony 8/24/2015 - CHP, thanks for the prayers. My co-worker's grandbaby was taken off life support & is miraculously recovering.

Pam 8/19/2015 - When Rabbi Cahn was there and a special offering was given, I wanted to give something but I only had ten dollars to give. I gave the ten dollars and the next day I received that I was not expecting at all. God is so faithful!

Beverly 8/19/2015 - I spent 9 days in hospital since last request. Since then, my wound has healed with no sign of infection.. I should no longer be in boot by Tuesday and pic line is to be removed 8/24. I\'m doing great. Praise God to whom all blessings flow. Thank you for praying in agreement with me. I\'m so thankful.

Penny 8/19/2015 - God bless you and thank you for your prayers. The meetings were extended for 2 more days and I believe the LORD\'S will was done

Natalie 8/11/2015 - Natalie Martin - Praise for a good report on her medical tests.

Everette 8/06/2015 - Dear CHP Prayer Team,
God has intervened regarding this request. The doctors at UNC Chapel Hill completed numerous tests for 10 days to find the reason for my chest pain. I came out of cardiac intensive care today and was told that my heart, valves, and arteries checked out well. My chest pain was minimal with my meds controlled. Thank you for your prayers. To God be the glory. EFP

Patricia 7/15/2015 - Praise God that we are beginning to get some donations coming through for Care for Someone charity. They are not large amounts but enough to help us pay for some our beneficiaries educational needs.

Cheryl 7/01/2015 - from Anne on June 26th

Dearest friends and prayer partners,

As of yesterday's exam, my foot is being supernaturally healed! I must still undergo 23 more sessions in the dive chamber, but they can only add to what the Lord has done and is doing. I KNOW your prayers have had a tremendous, tremendous effect. Please don't stop now! I am blessed and I am one thankful daughter of the King! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Robin 7/01/2015 - Hi, Thank you for praying! I just want to let you know that I just logged on to the site a few min ago and Pastor had a word for someone watching that healing would start slow, then suddenly the healing will accelerate. I believe that was for me!! Since the 17th, I have been slowing getting better. I do not have the constant pain and the range of motion is getting better. It is not 100% yet, but I am doing the physical therapy and applying essential oils and magnesium oil, and prayer.
Thank you again!

Rebecca 7/01/2015 - In February of this year, my husband and I went up for prayer due to my Job announcing it was closing in 10 days and I would be with out a job. The prayer team lady (no idea who) said, you are a gift and God is placing keys in your hands and he is taking care of every \"jot and tittle\" Well, 2 weeks later, a friend put keys in my hand for an office for myself and 2 co workers at no charge!! (until we could pay) Well, we are now making 4 times as much as we were with the company. I have tithed since I was 15, but have not seen any thing substantial until this place in my life. I am amazed at what God has done. This thing that appeared so horrible, ended up, with God, being the most amazing miracle of my life!!! Thank you guys for praying for me!

sandi 6/17/2015 - GOD ANSWERS: He paid my electric bill which i had only been given ONE day to come up with moneies to keep it on. (65 and elderly) After trying all avenues, I finally (lol) trusted God. He confirmed that He wanted me to call my church....(My last option to me). I hadn\'t been patient enough to ask Him whom to go to first. I went their last.... I was told, \"Precious, yes we will help\". The endearment, \"Precious\" alone, was magnified by my Fathers voice in my spirit and I gave praise for Him paying the bill. My spirit and my heart had been GIVEN TO as well as my finances. Thank You Lord for people with compassion, heart and love. Jesus you are my one and only, and I adore you with every tear.

deborah 6/04/2015 - I submitted several prayer request for headaches I been having nearly everyday. I am healed of these headaches. I been having those headaches since 2010. I was in an accident in 2009 which I was hit from the back. Thank you Jesus!!!

Rachel 5/13/2015 - CHP Prayer Team,
I am a CHP e-member and I just want to share how amazing our Lord is. In my sibling relationships there has been a breakdown for about 7 years with one party and 2-3 years with another. My husband and I have been praying for restoration for a few years now and in the last month there was an opportunity to interact. There was some discussion at this meeting and it was as if we were just hitting a brick wall over and over again. After a few hours of this and the feeling that we are going to get nowhere, the presence of the Lord and I believe some angels entered the room and everything changed. It was as if the powers of darkness had been pushed aside and eyes could see, ears could hear. A comment was even made \"it is like the scales have fallen away\". We are Blessed

sandi 5/13/2015 - During the week of the conference with Andreas, My Knees were healed. i had ruptured knee caps and could not get on them. After the meeting, I got on my knees ON WOOD floors and had no more pain. To Gods Glory! I was able as the Lord instructed, to get on my knees in worship at church. Again no pain. All so i can now get on my knees in worship. Glory Glory Glory, to God Almighty....

Denise 4/16/2015 - Thank you for praying. Lenora all is well. Thank you.

Ralph 4/02/2015 - Because of Jesus Christ and your faithful prayers offered to the Lord, I came thru with flying colors. My recovery was the best they have witnessed as I became a perfect example of an obedient patient and followed all the rules as prescribed. So again, thank you all for your faithfulness.

Teresa 4/02/2015 - Thanks to all for praying for my mother, her surgery was a success. There are other issues God healed with her voice. God did exceeding, abundantly above all we could ask or think. We used to not be able to make out what she was saying, but no more. GLORY TO GOD!

lori 3/10/2015 - They have reopened the case for Michelle in Orlando. Praise God! Pray that they find her and solve the case in Jesus name!

Benjamin 2/19/2015 - I want to thank everyone who prayed for my
C.N.A. and myself during the trials and testing
that we both encountered the past two weeks.

Mary 1/08/2015 - He is released from jail and will have to take anger management classes but he is doing okay. thanks so much for praying!

Pat 12/31/2014 - 12-22-2014

The Lord healed me of both bed sores Hallelujah
And I was able to visit my 94 year old mother at
Maple Leaf Care Center. It had been two months
since I last visited her due to the bed sores. Now
I can visit her often since the Lord has healed me
of the bed sores.
Pat Link

12/30/2014 - Greetings in Jesus Christ,

I am currently a quadriplegic for 45 years now. I have two bed sores that need immediate healing and I pray that Jesus would heal these sores.
I ask you to agree with me that Jesus will give me the miracles as recorded in Matt. 9 :2-8 Or Acts 3:1-8. Either way - Which ever brings more Glory to the Father through Jesus Christ. Amen,

Emi 12/30/2014 - Please keep praying for my finances and my health and for my whole family too

10/23/2013 - Please keep praying for my finances and my health and for my whole family too

Terry 12/30/2014 - Thank you church for being so faithful and praying,
My sisters' landlord called and she wants to renew her lease!
It's great news
Thank u all so much

sandra 11/25/2014 - You all are my Sequoia trees.. My strength lies in the fact that our roots intertwine with other sequoias (prayer partners), providing mutual strength and shared resources..........You all are a blessing to me because I know you are only a email away. My ability to stand tall in spite of the buffeting winds of life is directly related to the love and support I receive from God and you all. Thank you!

Kelly 11/18/2014 - God has provided and we have paid off our credit card today !!! We are so grateful and give Him all the glory and thank you @ CHP for your prayer support and spiritual leadership.
May the Lord bless you all and we are excited about what else the Lord has in store for us and his church !
In Him,
Kelly and Katharina

Donna 11/18/2014 - Praise God for my husband's job. Pastor prays over us for ones that needs jobs so now my husband has a great job and we can now give to God what is His. Thank God for answered prayers.

Phyllis 11/12/2014 - While in Youngstown last month I was able to tell pastor about one of his prophecy about a man in prison, my stepson has been in prison for 30 years now and is homosexual. after telling him all of this, he reached out and touched my face, and I felt that it was the hand of God that touched me and thank God for using pastor in this way. I needed a touch from Almighty God. Thank you for your prayer line and all that pray for people that are hurting, My stepson is starting to communicate after all these years.

Robert 11/10/2014 - My tests came back showing that I did not have cancer! The Lord also helped me with another internal issue that I had, and I now feel great! PRAISE THE LORD! THE LORD IS GREAT! GOD DESERVES ALL GLORY AND PRAISE!

06/07/2013 - Hello. I have been having internal problems the past couple of weeks. They are not sure what it is, so I had CAT scans done this past Friday. I should have the results probably this Monday. I have had cancer before. Please pray that this is not cancer and that it is not something that requires surgery. Do this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise God! Thank you.

Miriam 10/28/2014 - Thank you so much for your prayers. Beth is doing very good now, no problems. Thank you Jesus!
Love & blessings to all of you!

10/07/2014 - Thank you for your continued prayers for Beth as she still has headaches. Light & sound still cause her some discomfort too.
She was told it could take up to 6 weeks for all this to leave.
Thanks so much!

Richard 10/21/2014 - Thank God we have had a peaceful summer with our neighbors. We asked for prayer from this ministry for our neighbors to be quiet and peaceful and they were ! We thank God for this as we did not want to move.

Rachel 9/23/2014 - Thank you for your loving prayers. My brother in law is out of the hospital. The blood pressure has been regulated by medication. I add a needed request of prayer is that through this recovery, we pray that his stomach and body to adjust. He is very nauseated..also pray for my sister. The fear that comes against her when the pressure goes up in the morning before the meds.. Praying for HIS peace to cover them both..Spiritual healing as well.

Venus 9/17/2014 - I Praise GOD because before my sister Sylvia passed away, She ACCEPTED JESUS as her LORD and SAVIOR! HALLELUJAH to The Lord!
THANK YOU for PRAYING with me! There are only two siblings left : Rico Natata and Nora Rosete. Please include them in prayers for SALVATION! :)

Venus 9/09/2014 - I have asked for healing for my sister Sylvia from lung cancer, but when I released her to God, like \"Let your WILL be done unto her , LORD" Aug 31st. She passed away Sept 1st.

Cynthia 8/22/2014 - PTL. After submitting my prayer request for my sick little boy. His fever broke within 12 hours and his eating and drinking came back as well! Thanks so much for all of your prayers. God is good. Thank you God for your mercy and healing.
God bless

08/17/2014 - My son is very sick. He was over heated in his daycare and dehydrated. He now has Mononucl´┐Żose. He won\'t eat or drink. He has also has acid Reflux since he was 5days old. And that is getting worse as well with this situation. Please pray for a miracle. And that God will heal my 11 month old baby!

mary 8/05/2014 - God healed his cancer!!!! Now he is battling an irreversible neurological problem in the communication center of his brain. Please pray for total healing and no more enemy attacks on him! Thank you!